VIS goes live with TIA Core Insurance Solution

TIA enables VIS Insurance to deliver superior customer experience, improved process automation, and faster response to market demands.

Virum, Denmark – TIA Technology announced that VIS, a leading insurer in the Icelandic market, has gone live with the TIA Core Insurance Solution.

VIS has taken on a new strategic focus to become a local leader in customer-centric insurance services. That is why they decided to modernize and replace their old systems with TIA's modern, complete property and casualty (P&C) software portfolio. The solution has been implemented as a standard software platform without any changes to the core system, ensuring a future-proof system with an efficient and smooth upgrade path allowing VIS to implement new features and enhancements as they become available.

VIS implemented the latest TIA version 7 with the complete feature set – including Sales, Products, Policies, Claims, and Payment & Collections. The implementation was spearheaded and successfully deployed thanks to the work of TIA Technology's Professional Services alongside system integration partners Affecto, NCDC and Sollers.

TIA enables a superior customer experience

VIS' aim is to become the insurer with highest customer satisfaction ratings in the Icelandic market by delivering effective, timely and relevant insurance services with the help of the TIA Solution.
Being a standard insurance system, the TIA Solution enables VIS to increase process automation, and speed up processing times. This results in better customer service and higher customer satisfaction, without increasing cost. VIS chose the TIA Solution because they believe this is the best and the most cost-efficient insurance solution for their specific needs.

Process automation allows for faster market response

By choosing a customer-centric standard insurance solution without any changes to the core, VIS simplifies insurance operations without compromising customer service. Decreasing operational complexity will help VIS to become more agile and respond faster to market demands. The TIA Solution greatly reduces the need for manual processes and allows VIS to respond quickly, effectively and with higher customer satisfaction to customer requests.
"With the help of TIA, VIS continues on our journey to deliver superior customer service and higher customer satisfaction" says Thorvaldur Jacobsen, VP Corporate Development, VIS. "The TIA Solution is a complete, open, and modern insurance platform. A solution like TIA's allows us to focus on our customers to deliver better service and products in a timely manner."

"The TIA Solution is a complete, open, and modern insurance platform. A solution like TIA's allows us to focus on our customers to deliver better service and products in a timely manner."

Future-proof solution for a customer-centric digital insurer

TIA's complete policy and claims software platform is a perfect fit for VIS. TIA helps VIS by facilitating their focus on customer-centric operations and by guaranteeing quality of service with TIA's proven expertise as an insurance software provider.

"TIA was chosen because of their focus on the customer centric approach, a large and vibrant TIA customer community, and TIA's openness to develop a longstanding partnership," says Thorvaldur Jacobsen, VP Corporate Development, VIS
"TIA is excited to be a part of VIS's journey to customer excellence. We congratulate VIS with the successful completion of the TIA implementation project and look forward to long lasting and fruitful partnership" says Christian Kromann CEO of TIA Technology.

About VIS Insurance Ltd.

VIS is Iceland's largest insurance company and is registered on the Icelandic stock exchange. VIS operates an extensive branch office network around Iceland and has 210 employees. VIS's mission is CUSTOMER SERVICE, COVERAGE and PREVENTION and the company offers comprehensive insurance solutions for both private and commercial market.

About TIA Technology

Our core insurance software gives insurers the flexibility and customer insight they need to stay relevant and evolve with the market. The proven TIA Solution means insurers can count on a safe investment. And with 30.000 insurance professionals in more than 50 companies using the TIA Solution across 30 countries, we are a leading provider of integrated policy and claims solutions.


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