TIA launches mobile app for insured object inspection in the field

Virum, Denmark - TIA Technology announces the release of its newest mobility solution for field inspectors, TIA Mobile Inspector.

Improving object inspection in the field

TIA Mobile InspectorTIA Mobile Inspector is the field inspector component of TIA Mobile for Professionals. TIA Mobile Inspector supports straight-through processing; linking directly into customer data located in TIA Core. Data updated in the field is sent directly back to the TIA Core with no manual processing needed. TIA Mobile Inspector also boosts efficiency in the field by allowing field inspectors to connect with other experts easily and quickly, facilitating real-time collaboration on cases.

A single professional solution for insurers

TIA Mobile for Professionals is a single mobile solution. It allows on-the-go professionals to do their work in the field, using tablets to capture data at the source, with individual modules that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each in-field employee types: field appraisers, sales people, field inspectors, etc. Each type of user gains access to functionality that directly supports their key processes, accelerating their work and improving customer service.


"Our close dialog with insurers gives us deep insight into what drives the successful development of an insurance company. TIA Mobile for Professionals is a single mobile solution that can make each type of insurance employee more efficient in the field. Bringing the efficiency of the TIA Solution into the field is a valuable solution for an insurer."
Liselotte Munk, CEO, TIA Technology

TIA Mobile for Professionals delivers tangible business benefits to front-running insurance companies. The key to this strategy is enabling insurance professionals to become even more valuable to the company by: reducing human errors, speeding up customer handling, improving service, reducing customer churn, enabling real-time decision making and reducing attrition.


TIA Mobile for Professionals transforms insurance businesses by:

  • Giving a common mobile platform for in-field professional roles
  • Enabling business growth by rapid roll-out of new mobile capabilities
  • Extending business services to mobile devices, saving time and costs
  • Allowing insurers to take the power of TIA Core into the field
  • Modernizing customer dialog and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Empowering employees with new customer service tools

Future-proof mobility strategy

TIA is focusing on creating tools that help insurance professionals do their work more efficiently when they are out in the field working with customers. TIA's guiding principle when developing advanced mobile tools is to increase insurers ROI in innovative ways, such as by optimizing driving routes through mapping services, alerting field personnel of urgent support issues or sales opportunities and providing real-time validation and submission of forms during the data capture process.

About TIA Technology

TIA Technology offers the industry's most flexible and comprehensive integrated suite of core insurance applications for property/casualty and composite insurers. A proven solution with more than 60 customers and 100.000 daily users in 40 countries, TIA helps insurers across the globe to get closer to customers through operational excellence, superior sales and service and exceptional product leadership.

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