TIA Establishes a Business Advisory Unit

TIA welcomes Steen Vingaard Larsen to TIA Technology as Director, Business Advisor.

TIA welcomes Steen Vingaard Larsen to TIA Technology as Director, Business Advisor.  After graduating from what is now Copenhagen Business School, Steen spent 7 years in marketing in the financial sector and then 4 years with mobile companies Telia and Orange where he wore several hats and acted as Data Warehouse Manager, CRM Manager and Geo-Marketing Manager at the same time.

Steen then shifted into the software industry continuing with his expertise with CRM and data warehousing systems. He spent 3 years as an independent consultant in Europe helping with business scoping of possible data warehouse systems. After spending 3 years travelling non-stop around Europe, Steen returned to Denmark to spend more time with his family and established a Business Advisory Unit within the Customer Intelligence Division of SAS Institute – by the time he left, the Business Advisor Division had grown from a few persons, into more than 20. Steen repeated this success at Experian, a leading global information services company, and is set to do the same with TIA.

Why is TIA setting up Business Advisory (BA)?

The role of a BA unit is to work closely with clients to ensure that the best solution is found. A Business Advisor looks specifically at the business needs of the customer and answers how the TIA Solution can fulfill such needs.

The process of implementing a new insurance solution or upgrading to the latest version of TIA are big decisions for companies – which is why Steen is here to help.

Such decisions require a business value proposition in order to sell the idea to senior management and the board. Steen’s vast experience with developing business cases and discovering customer pain points will add value to customer decision-making process.

Get in touch with Steen today

Steen recommends that before asking a company to fill in an RFP/RFI, consider contacting the Business Advisory Unit to see how he can help your company find the best business solution to your business needs. Feel free to contact him on: svl@tia.dk or +45 2494 3605

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