TIA Community Conference 2017 recap

Our annual TIA Community Conference, TCC 2017, was held two weeks ago in Berlin. We were privileged to welcome more than 230 participants representing 36 insurance companies across 13 countries. Thanks to everyone who presented and attended, and helped make TCC 2017 our highest-rated conference to date!

tia community conference 2017We welcomed 5 new customers to the TIA Community since TCC 2016. It was a huge pleasure to see many of those customers attending TCC for the first time. For those who did not attend (and for those who would like to relive it a little), here are some of the highlights:

Digital keynote

Sarah Fix-Bahre, Insurance Industry Leader at Google, opened the conference with an insightful view of consumer behavior in insurance. She helped us understand how to take advantage of those insights and shared how some Google customers are applying emerging technologies across the insurance value chain to serve customers in new, innovative ways.

Innovation keynote

Futurist and motivational speaker, Dietmar Dahmen, brought the house down with his provocative views on the disruptive world we live in. He challenged everyone to feel differently and act differently about disruption to keep pace with our quickly changing industry. At least at TIA, we will never again dare to rest on our ‘pillows of comfort’ – instead we will destroy them diligently (sometimes with a chainsaw).

Analyst insights

Craig Beattie, Senior Analyst Insurance at Celent, offered an excellent summary of the seven trends impacting insurance, from AI and smart automation to data and eco-systems. Craig outlined the importance of having a modern a core system that enables eco-systems with integration to new channels, technologies and opportunities.

Customer spotlight

We heard from several inspiring customers. Two gave presentations around their own company’s innovation: Henrik Grønborg, CEO of Alka Insurance, a leading digital insurer in Denmark, and Wolff Graulich, CEO of Element, an InsurTech startup in Berlin. Both Henrik and Wolff highlighted the importance of agile ways of working and the need for collaboration between traditional insurers and InsurTechs to achieve innovation in insurance. Our SVP of Commercial, Carsten Vraa-Jensen also hosted a customer panel including representatives from Alm. Brand of Denmark, Nemi of Norway and Hollard of South Africa. They discussed their challenges in the insurance value chain and their different approaches to solving these. 

Partner perspectives

Two of our partners took the stage to discuss pressures in the insurance industry. Jacob Tovborg-Jensen, Nordic Insurance Director at Accenture, spoke of the imperative to change to a new paradigm where customer contact is constant and the user experience is pleasurable – as with Spotify, Amazon and Netflix. Fridtjof Detlefs, Head of Insurance Practice-Europe from TCS, underscored the need for Digital Reimagination™ and a solid core system that enables short-term integrations without any long-term damage.

Tech deep dive

We learned about the huge potential of using data to understand insurance customers better – from Ed Mauser, Vice President of Affecto and Mikael Munck, CEO of 2021.AI. Ed highlighted the potential of facial and video analytics to monitor situations and capture consumer feelings. Mikael taught us how AI can be used to find clusters, patterns and trends, and as a tool to extract ‘gut’ feelings from data.

The TIA showcase and Meet the Experts

Our consultants and product owners enjoyed some productive one-on-one meetings with customers about their specific challenges. They also enjoyed many great conversations at the TIA booth about some of our latest offerings:

  • Upgrade to 7.5
  • GDPR compliance package
  • SIPAS product-bundling engine
  • Self-service claims platform
  • REST API integration
  • Radar Live integration for Willis Tower Watson’s pricing tools
  • Test Automation Framework (TAF) for smarter testing in TIA
  • BI Cloud solution for fast, personalized analysis of TIA data
  • Batch Robot, our systematic approach to batch follow-up

TIA insights

Last, but hopefully not least, we unveiled our roadmap, including our Self-Service platform, our Fleet Management solution, our SIPAS product-bundling engine, and version 7.6 of TIA, landing in Q1 of 2018. Our SVP of Services & Solutions, Anders Rosenbeck, shared how our customers on version 7 (now 1/3 of them) are taking advantage of the digital ecosystem it enables – with easy integration, add-on solutions and new enhanced service offerings.

To see some of the action for yourself, go to our photo album on Flickr.

If you have any questions about anything you missed or experienced at TCC 2017, please get in touch with us. And remember, you’re all invited to TCC 2018, next September in Copenhagen. Watch for news about that to hit your inbox early next year.


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