Digital front runner in Nordic health insurance chooses TIA Technology

Storebrand Helseforsikring will implement TIA’s comprehensive cloud solution to further enhance digital customer engagement across markets

Copenhagen, Denmark – 26 June 2018 Today TIA Technology, a leading provider of software and solutions for the insurance industry, announces its new strategic partnership with Storebrand Helseforsikring, a niche health insurance company based in Oslo. The partnership includes the implementation of TIA as a Service (TIAaaS) – a comprehensive cloud-based solution comprising a core insurance platform and various add-on applications.  

Storebrand Helseforsikring is part of Storebrand Group, a leading player in the Nordic market for long-term savings and insurance and the ERGO Group, a leading insurance group in Germany and Europe. With a focused digital strategy, the company aims to anchor its position as innovative front runner by enhancing online customer engagement and automating a range of back-office processes to increase competitiveness. The fullservice digital cloud solution will meet these requirements while enabling integration with multiple healthcare ecosystems to secure efficient customer processing.

Expanding connection with customers and suppliers

Bjarke Thorøe, CEO of Storebrand Helseforsikring explains,

"The Nordic healthcare landscape is becoming increasingly dominated by ecosystems, where suppliers and partners need to be connected in order to serve customers in the market. Our TIAaaS solution offers multiple ecosystem integrations, so we can connect with any third-party that becomes relevant to our business. TIA will also enable us to bundle products with our distribution partners and secure fast time to market to keep Storebrand Helseforsikring in the front of the competition." 
-  CCO and co-founder, Jostein Iversen, explains.

A flexible, innovative mindset

Yetz values the flexibility that TIA brought to the project, both in terms of implementation and innovation. “We have a very unique business model which requires an innovative mindset from our technology partner,” says Iversen. “TIA has brought ideas to the table that support getting our business off the ground in the best possible way. It’s really important that companies like TIA have this ’startup’ mindset – and we were happy we could take advantage of it.”

With customers in both Norway and Sweden, Storebrand Helse also needed a solution that covers both markets and multiple distribution channels. “We closely studied several solutions that offered price predictability and scalability, but we liked that TIA had specific experience and expertise in scaling in the Nordics,” says Thorøe. “Ultimately, we chose TIAaaS after running a successful pilot and pre-study that proved the solution’s support of our business processes and objectives.”

Storebrand Helseforsikring is the third Norwegian partner to adopt TIAaaS and join the global TIA community in the last month. Christian Kromann, TIA CEO says, “We are so pleased with the opportunity to work with leading-edge, digitally strategic partners across Norway and Sweden – and that our TIAaaS offering is proving to provide value in the way we designed. It will be a pleasure to grow and scale with Storebrand Helse in the region we know best.”

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