Status Update: TIA Version 6.4 and 7.0

This is a general update on what’s happening with TIA’s two current major releases for 2012: V6.4 and V7.0.

What’s Cooking at TIA?

This is a general update on what’s happening with TIA’s two current major releases for 2012: V6.4 and V7.0.

Version 6.4 Overview of 6.4

TIA 6.4 is a functionally rich release offering an extensive set of new business functionality for nearly all areas of your insurance business.

The primary focus of TIA 6.4 is to reduce the time to market for development of new insurance offerings as well as product and price updates. Insurers will be able to significantly increase their control over the system as well as enjoy great flexibility.

TIA 6.4 speeds up and simplifies many of the policy, product and claims processes. Time-to-market of product configuration is much faster, allowing insurers to rapidly develop and deploy new products.

The new multi-brand feature allows insurers in multi-markets, with multiple brands or companies to run everything from a single TIA Solution. If you are interested in reading more about the V6.4 functionality, please refer to this article.

Status Update: V6.4 is on schedule for release in September 2012. TIA recently finished the first phase of testing and is now starting the stabilization testing phase.

Version 7.0 Overview of 7.0

TIA has updated its user interface to a modern and user-friendly interface. TIA 7.0 brings more ease of use, personalized workplaces, task-oriented workflows, simplified customization and future proof technology.

The team of 25 technical experts has been working hard to convert the forms-based solution to the new modern Oracle ADF-based user interface. The new UI has been shown to a number of customers and prospects, and so far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Status Update: TIA is finalizing development and product stabilization will occur through October to December before the scheduled market release in December 2012.

Please use the ‘contact us’ form if you have any questions about V6.4 or V7.0 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

TIA Professional Services provide a TIA Upgrade Assessment which gives an overview of what is needed for an upgrade. Contact Professional Services today to learn more about the upgrade path.

Email: or call +45 7022 7621. 

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