Sønderjysk Forsikring anchors its growth strategy with TIA Technology

The Danish insurance company will scale their business on TIA’s core solution – by streamlining processes, deploying automation and getting products to market faster.

Based in Southern Denmark, Sønderjysk Forsikring is a regional, customer-owned insurance company with seven branches. The company is pursuing an ambitious 2020 growth strategy that includes adding more branches in the region and digitalizing their business processes. A cornerstone of the strategy is a new core IT system, which TIA Technology has been chosen to provide.

A partner for growth

CEO at Sønderjysk Forsikring, Frank Abel, says, “Our mission as a customer-owned insurance provider is very simple: to provide relevant products at competitive prices; and to have a close connection to our customers. We’re looking to do more of what we’re good at, which is why we’re expanding. However, if we’re to succeed at serving more customers better, we need to streamline our business processes, automate some of our systems and get our products to market faster. We believe TIA is the right partner to help us achieve all of this.”

 TIA Technology is a Danish insurance-IT company with customers in 30 countries. CEO Christian Kromann said, “We have both an international and local strategy, and we are pleased to add Sønderjysk Forsikring to our list of local customers. They’ve been around for almost 160 years and have a strong, credible brand in Denmark. We look forward to helping serve their customers across the home market.”

Strong country-specific and GDPR solutions

Sønderjysk Forsikring surveyed various IT solutions and performed due diligence on the TIA system before signing on the dotted line. “We requested numerous customer references that verified the flexibility and strength of the TIA solution,” said Abel. “We concluded that TIA offers the strongest country-specific solution and will be best able to underpin our growth.”

The EU’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is also top of mind for Sønderjysk Forsikring. By May 25, 2018, companies will be required to meet a large set of data and privacy requirements. “TIA has a comprehensive GDPR compliance package and has demonstrated extensive knowledge about the requirements and how to fully comply with them,” said Abel. “This, to us, is very important and another key reason we chose TIA.”

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