Sneak Preview on TIA 6.4

TIA 6.4 is the fourth release in the TIA 6 track that follows the overall theme of broadening the range of business functionality and upgrading the technology platform of the TIA Solution. 

TIA 6.4 is the fourth release in the TIA 6 track that follows the overall theme of broadening the range of business functionality and upgrading the technology platform of the TIA Solution. 

Compared to the previous releases in the TIA 6 track, TIA 6.4 is undoubtedly the most functionally rich release offering an extensive set of new business functionality for nearly all areas of your insurance business. The primary focus of TIA 6.4 is reduction of time to market for development of new insurance offerings as well as product and price updates. This is achieved by enhancing the product configuration component of the TIA Solution, enabling product cloning and multi-brand features and improving the product and tariff versioning capabilities.

Furthermore, TIA 6.4 amplifies support for multi-brand, multi-company and multi-site operations to facilitate insurers’ differentiation in the market. This improved multi-channel support builds on a substantial enhancement to the system administration capabilities and introduces a possibility to maintain functional multi-tenancy (i.e. several business units sharing business rules within the same database). Among other things this enhancement further advances the product configuration capacity and allows insurance companies to target various customer segments by differentiating on product offerings and making use of more sale channels while abiding by the same general business rules and segregating segment specific data where necessary.

Last but not least, TIA 6.4 aims at facilitating the use of the TIA Solution by the back-office functions by bringing to bear a number of enhancements within the policy administration area and notably financial management. The back-office enhancements focus on improving efficiency by automating a number of time consuming process steps.

All in all, TIA 6.4 will include the following major enhancements to the business functionality.

Product Configuration Enhancements

  • Product Variants
  • Product Multi-versioning

Your benefits: reduced complexity in product development, lower cost of product maintenance across channels and brands, shorter time to market for product variants and price updates.

Multi-brand, Multi-company and Multi-site Support
(System Administration Enhancements)

  • Multi-site (multi-tenancy), embracing the following sub-features:
    • Customer / data segregation
    • Cascading business rules
    • White-labelling

Your benefits: improved support for differentiation vis-a-vis market through brands and companies; only one TIA/Oracle instance rather an instance per site / brand; reuse of common functionality, setup and data across sites / brands.

Policy Administration Enhancements

  • Clause Suppression
  • Multiple Commission Agents

Your benefits: smarter handling of automatically generated clauses, differentiated calculation of commission for each agent involved in a policy.

Financial Management Enhancements

  • Bulk Update of Account Items
  • Cascading Hold on Account Items
  • Workpad Referral

Your benefits: faster processing of payments and invoices, more efficient handling of reminders, differentiated privileges to different user profiles, smarter approval of account items.

In addition to these, the release will include a whole range of minor functional enhancements based on the customer filed requests.

The development of TIA 6.4 is well underway and scheduled to be released to the market in the third quarter of 2012. You can schedule pre-analysis for implementation of or upgrade to TIA 6.4 already now!

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