Regent launches TIA core insurance solution

TIA enables Regent to realize their vision of being agile and deliver better customer service.

Virum, Denmark – Regent Insurance Company Ltd (‘Regent’) is set to take full advantage of TIA Technology’s integrated policy and claims solution to meet their objective of growing into a more dominant, agile and customer-centric force in the local insurance market.

Digital transformation is key

Legacy software solutions are an increasing burden on insurance companies inhibiting them from meeting the demands of today’s dynamic marketplace. Choosing the TIA Solution was a strategic choice for Regent, in an effort to move away from aging legacy insurance software and to empower their business with business enabling technologies.

"To turn our strategic vision into reality, we needed the right foundation to build upon. The TIA Solution enables us to engage our customer base efficiently and grow profitably," says Mari Janzen, COO, Regent

By deploying the TIA Solution, as part of their short-term business technology solution suite, Regent aims to increase automation, reduce duplicated workflows and manual processes, and improve time to market without increasing costs. At the same time, the company also aims to create market differentiation through service excellence, with a strong focus on reducing customer churn as well as attracting new customers.

Working together with TIA’s implementation partners ITQ and Affecto, Regent has successfully implemented the TIA Solution in their short-term / motor retail product lines and is going forward with transferring products on a case by case basis to the new system. Using the latest TIA Solution Version 7, Regent is on track to becoming a market leading digital insurer.

Products at the speed of demand

“First, I want to take the chance to thank ITQ and Affecto for their exceptional work in implementing the TIA Solution for Regent.” says Jakob Schou-Meding, CEO, TIA Technology.  “The partnership between TIA Technology and Regent is a testament how an innovative and future focused insurer can take full advantage of software solution that excels in flexibility, speed, and customer centricity.”

TIA Technology helps Regent achieve its objectives of expanding their customer base and growing their market share in the region, because the TIA Solution is robust and easily scalable, allowing Regent to bring products to market quickly.  It also enables a high degree of standardization across very different product categories, resulting in a highly usable software solution.

Insurance organizations today face the increasing challenge of containing information and application sprawl. The TIA Solution offers an easy way for Regent to achieve their information management goals. With a powerful yet flexible web architecture and a customer centric approach to information management, the TIA Solution has met Regent’s prerequisites for a modern, flexible and functional core insurance software solution.

About Regent

“TIA will enable Regent to achieve broad functionality from a single software suite, enabling us to focus on providing better customer service more efficiently and make relevant product offerings that will drive the group’s success in the future.” says Mari Janzen, COO, Regent

Regent is part of Imperial Holdings Limited. Imperial is a South African based, diversified multinational mobility group with activities that include consumer and industrial logistics; vehicle import, distribution, dealerships, retail, rental and aftermarket parts; and vehicle related financial services.

 As part of this diversified group, the Regent culture is based on entrepreneurship, innovation and an adherence to industry-specific best practices that characterize the way Imperial does business. An exceptional range of short-term insurance and life assurance products are available under the Regent brand offering. Regent has operations in South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho. 

About ITQ Business Solutions

ITQ Business Solutions, a Johannesburg based IT Company founded in 2000, drives and supports its clients through the provision of custom-built software solutions and outsourced/co-sourced development services.The ITQ Business Solutions Group has a complement of over 300 Developers, Project Managers and Business Analysts. ITQ traditionally enters into long term business relationships with its clients and is seen as a trusted partner rather than a supplier. ITQ have established a solid reputation for delivering large and complex projects, all of which are reference sites. ITQ has been successfully delivering TIA project in the South African market since 2012.

About Affecto

Affecto is the forerunner in the field of Enterprise Information Management in Northern Europe. Affecto offers solutions for information management and business analytics, which help organisations to improve productivity and competitiveness with superior use of information in decision making and execution. Affecto also delivers operational solutions for improving and simplifying processes at customer organisations and offer geographic information services. Affecto's head offices are in Finland with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

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