Standard TIA integration plugin for Radar Live.

Introducing TIA’s standard integration plugin to Radar Live, part of Willis Towers Watson’s insurance pricing software suite.

The TIA solution has an integrated rating engine that most of our customers use. Still, some customers are deploying external rating engines. That's why TIA is launching a standard integration plugin for Willis Towers Watson's market leading pricing tools. The smooth and agile Radar Live plugin supports insurers in driving value from building a digital eco-system for their business.

Since Radar Live is a Web-service/XML-based solution it allows TIA to make a call to Radar Live for information related to a price. Radar Live calculates the price and other requested parameters and returns the information to the TIA solution. The plugin supports both one-to-one and loosely coupled TIA product line version/Radar model version mapping, meaning that one TIA product line version can select various Radar model versions. The setup also allows you to use both standard TIA rating and Radar rating at the same time for different product lines.

It is possible to customize the integration further to include additional data sources, further calculations and storing of customer-specific data without affecting TIA's core system or the TIA/Radar integration. Because this standard integration plugin is provided by TIA on a tried-and-tested basis, insurers will enjoy additional cost-efficiencies integrating to Radar Live. TIA's Radar Live plugin works with TIA version 6.4, 7.4 and 7.5.

Want to know more? Send a mail to Thomas Christian Brøgger, TIA Services & Solutions at

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