PKO Ubezpieczenia in production with TIA core insurance solution

Virum, Denmark – TIA Technology today announced that PKO Ubezpieczenia, part of the leading PKO Bank Polski bank in Poland, has gone live with TIA’s core software solution.

PKO Ubezpieczenia is launching a universal modern financial products portfolio to PKO Bank Polski customers. The TIA Solution serves as the platform for managing a full range of insurance products including product definition, policy administration and claims management. 

The system implementation was possible thanks to the collaboration between TIA Technology and Sygnity S.A. Sygnity signed a contract with PKO Ubezpieczenia and was responsible for the system implementation. This included adjusting the TIA soltuion to the needs of the Polish market and to individual customer requirements.

Experience and trust is key 

Implementing new insurance systems is complex and not a decision companies take lightly. That’s why strong relationships and a solid track-record are essential. PKO Ubezpieczenia has worked in direct co-operation with TIA’s Engagement Manager as well as with Marek Przybysz, TIA CEE Sales Director operating daily in Warsaw. Both have been instrumental in successfully launching the implementation project. TIA’s Engagement Manager and local support continue to be a part of the ongoing relationship after go-live.

“Our decision to go with TIA was the result of a careful selection process among both international and local solution vendors”, explains Maciej Kloze, Chief Information Officer, PKO Ubezpieczenia. “The successful implementation project has proved the decision right. I am very proud that the team delivered on all parameters: on time, on budget and with-in scope. “

The TIA Core Solution will enable PKO Ubezpieczenia to:

  • Support the growth strategy of PKO Bank Polski by expanding existing banking customer relations and achieving a higher market share for insurance products.
  • Effectively provide insurance products both independently and in tight integration with banking products
  • Get new insurance products faster to market due to the flexible and highly configurable product definition functionality in TIA  

Fast time to market for innovative products

 “Being able to meet changing customer demands with flexible products is an important competitive factor in today’s fierce market place,” says Danuta Gołaszewska, Chief Operational Officer of PKO Ubezpieczenia. “TIA supports our strategic business objectives in such a way that we will be able to bring new and innovative products faster to market and in close alignment with the PKO Bank Polski architecture and regulatory requirements.”

“PKO Ubezpieczenia benefits from TIA’s integrated end-to-end core insurance platform having strong flexibility for creating new products fast to market for an unlimited range of various product lines,” says Marek Przybysz, CEE Sales Director of TIA Technology. 

“Congratulations to PKO Ubezpieczenia for launching their new insurance business successfully. TIA is proud to be serving as the platform for PKO’s ambition to become a leader within their segment of bancassurance, selling insurance products through the bank”, says Anders Rosenbeck, VP of Professional Services in TIA Technology.

"We are pleased that Sygnity was a part of the team that performed such a significant and successful implementation in a very short period of time. We believe that the collaboration between PKO Ubezpieczenia, TIA Technology, Sygnity and our subcontractor NCDC bodes well for the future and will result in further projects."- says Roman Durka, Vice-President of the Management Board of Sygnity S.A.

About PKO Ubezpieczenia

PKO Ubezpieczenia is part of the PKO Bank Polski Capital Group - one of the leading financial groups in Central and Eastern Europe and leader of the Polish banking sector. PKO Ubezpieczenia is a common brand name for PKO Życie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. and PKO Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. The company’s key area of activity is to provide a wide range of both life and non-life insurance products linked to PKO Bank Polski. It aims to offer modern and practical insurance products, delivering a comprehensive and viable insurance coverage. Customers have easy access to the products through PKO Bank Polskis branch offices across Poland.

About TIA Technology

Our core insurance software gives insurers the flexibility and customer insight they need to stay relevant and evolve with the market. The proven TIA Solution means insurers can count on a safe investment. And with 30.000 insurance professionals in more than 50 companies using the TIA Solution across 30 countries, we are a leading provider of integrated policy and claims solutions.

About Sygnity S.A.

Sygnity S.A. is a leading provider of IT solutions in Poland. The Company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (SGN). It offers its own solutions, supplemented with international products and technologies. It provides a complete range of services, from consulting, through execution to outsourcing of IT projects for large and medium-sized enterprises in the key sectors of economy and public administration institutions. 

About NCDC

NCDC has been at the cutting edge of insurance systems since 1997. They grow alongside the latest technology and business practices, as well as in partnership with their clients. NCDC offers a wide range of services related to the TIA system, from professional consultancy services to SaaS/Cloud solutions. NCDC uses unique methods and tools developed over the years.

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