Introducing TIA's New Chief Technical Architect

TIA recently announced the acquisition of Itero, its strategic partner based in Lithuania.

TIA recently welcomed Frederik Rønn onboard as our new Chief Technical Architect, further bolstering our R&D team. Frederik previously held several positions at leading Danish L&P insurer PFA as Technical Architect Lead and most recently as Enterprise Architect.

His combination of experiences and competencies within Oracle, SOA, integration, IT architecture and strategy as well as L&P will contribute significantly in ensuring that TIA is a future proof solution not only from a business perspective but also from a technological perspective.

Frederik has been given the task of ensuring that TIA remains technologically up-to-date. This requires following technical trends and understanding when these mature and can bring value to TIA and our customers. ”Technology is important, but the technical requirements essentially come from the business requirements that need to be given precedence. My role will be to smoothly bridge the gap between both realms, and succinctly describe what that need is and how to address this in the TIA solution going forward.”

Frederik is also excited about bringing more transparency to the process, engaging with clients leveraging his own experiences, and “ensuring that the reasons behind all architecture decisions are clearly communicated to the technical team, senior management team, as well as customers, so that there is broad understanding and buy-in. We’re in this because of business goals, and that needs to remain at the forefront of our minds, as well as be properly communicated.”

Frederik is currently involved in TIA Version 7.0 release where TIA is making an architectural leap migrating the forms user interface to a more modern and easy-to-use ADF-based UI: “With the new ADF-based archicture and the SOA architecture already in place, TIA is by all accounts a technologically modern solution. But the journey never ends: we are already laying the framework for the next major release V8.0 that will focus on extending the business process support in TIA.”

Frederik will also play a key role in TIA’s partner innovation program. “With an open architecture and a large number of partners, TIA is in an ideal position to focus on the core insurance solution and engage with partners with special competencies in selected areas. By doing what we do best, together, we offer a complete world class solution.” 

Frederik holds a master degree in computer science, he is 37 years old and lives in Allerød with his wife and two children.

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