Introducing TIA’s Lithuania Country Manager

TIA recently announced the acquisition of Itero, its strategic partner based in Lithuania.

TIA recently announced the acquisition of Itero, its strategic partner based in Lithuania. For more information about the acquisition, see our press release.

Dominykas Celedinas was a founding partner of Itero in 2008 and now heads TIA’s Lithuania Office, leading Customer Driven Enhancements (CDEs) and localization tools.

Dominykas began work on implementation projects after graduating, with a particular focus on Oracle applications. He first began working on TIA implementations in 2002 when he worked for ITG, which later became Affecto.  Leaving Affecto in 2007 Dominykas worked as a freelancer and then set up Itero the following year.

Itero quickly angled itself as a TIA implementation expert. Internally, a number of employees had been working on the TIA Solution for several years. Gradually Itero became closer and closer to TIA and decided to strategically bet on TIA as a solutions provider.

“We strongly believe that the TIA Solution offers the best solution for insurance companies around the world in order to speed up their insurance business.”

Dominykas is particularly interested in mobile technology and “how it can be embraced by the insurance industry to better interact with customers and help change and improve the dialogue.” Mobility is an area that TIA is moving into with its soon-to-be released iPad Sales App.

As well as welcoming Dominykas to the TIA team, we also welcome 12 other talented TIA experts. Dominykas notes that “for several years now many of our Itero employees, including myself, have worked very closely with the team at TIA. I think having a TIA Lithuania Office adds great capacity to TIA which will boost our ability to implement projects, build Customer Driven enhancements, and contribute to the R&D process.”

Dominykas will also lead TIA’s Customer Driven Enhancements (CDEs): “I am looking forward to strengthening TIA’s CDEs – we need to remain close to our customers to ensure everything we do is beneficial to them. They have a lot of ideas about improvements and new features, now that we have more resources, we are better placed to quickly react to these demands.”

Dominykas holds two Master Degrees; one in IT Software Engineering and the other in Management. He lives in Vilnius with his wife and child.

Dominykas Celedinas is Country manager for TIA’s Lithuania Office, and can be contacted on

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