How Telematics is Shaping Car Insurance

This is the second article in a series looking at some innovative tools insurers are using.

This is the second article in a series looking at some innovative tools insurers are using.

ingenie, a UK based car insurance provider launched in 2011 is revolutionizing the insurance market for young drivers with the latest telematics, or “black box” technology. Not only does it give young drivers the chance to reduce the amount they pay if they are good drivers, but it is also improving driving standards.


How it works:

- A telematics box is fitted in the car and captures your unique driving style (cornering, swerving, braking, speed, acceleration). The ingenie box is the size of a smart phone, and is hidden out of sight, usually behind the dashboard.
- Drivers receive regular feedback on how they’re driving - either via an app or online.
- Ingenie assesses trends and patterns in driving styles rather than looking at isolated incidents.
- The cost of insurance is reviewed every three months with a discount applied to the best and most improved drivers in the community.


The technology provides drivers with feedback on their driving, helping them to improve as a driver, and potentially lower the cost of their car insurance.

By embracing this technology, ingenie is entering a market which was formerly burdened with high insurance costs. The black box tool democratizes insurance, with prices calculated individually rather than for an entire generational or gender group.

Who ingenie is for?

Young drivers aged 17-25
- Young female drivers
- Young male drivers
- Teenage drivers
- Learner drivers
- New drivers

ingenie is showing how insurers can innovate and embrace new technology to change the way they interact with their customers. With ingenie not only is there a quarterly assessment of the policy pricing, but there is also regular contact regarding how the driver is doing. This sort of engagement builds customer satisfaction.

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