Finland’s State Treasury goes live and benefits from time and cost savings

Phase one of the TIA implementation at State Treasury is complete.

Phase one of the TIA implementation at State Treasury is complete.


State Treasury is a multidisciplinary government agency in Finland with 550 employees. It produces internal corporate services for the central government. The insurance division is the State Treasury institution that reliably and competitively handles statutory employment pensions, accident and liability insurance for State offices and institutions. Having built their own system (built on mainframe) more than 20 years ago themselves, their previous system was technically at the end of its life.

Marja-Liisa Taipale, Service Line Director for State Treasury noted that: “We chose TIA because it is a product with many suitable basic functions, used in many organizations and a proven system. As a company, TIA is a trustworthy and professional organization to work with.”

This implementation of the TIA Solution in State Treasury has been challenging given the complex insurance products in the State Treasury portfolio particular in terms of calculation of pension plans. Due to these complex insurance products, the implementation went over budget. In spite of this State Treasury is “sure that TIA is the system which best supports our business needs now and in the future.”

With the main challenges behind them, State Treasury is positive: “The basic TIA product works well and the co-operation with TIA Technology is running smoothly. We really appreciate all the help and support we get from TIA Technology and expect a lot of benefits from the new version releases in the future.”

TIA Technology sees the State Treasury go live as an important milestone reached for State Treasury but also as a solid reference to the Finnish and Nordic market. The product portfolio operated by State Treasury will be a unique reference for TIA going forward.

State Treasury is very happy to be in production, “we are still working to maximize the Solution and in the long term we gain many benefits, such as a streamlined and a more automated claims handling process. The expected benefits are both time and cost savings.”

The phase one TIA Solution will be a solid platform for future phases where the remaining product portfolio of State Treasury will be implemented.

For more information about State Treasury, visit their website.

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