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TIA Technology has joined the roster of innovative companies who sponsor Copenhagen FinTech.

Copenhagen FinTech is a group of business, technology and government leaders with a vision to become the leading FinTech hub in the Nordic region. They work to create a strong ecosystem of financial companies and digital innovators that supports the continued development of leading financial solutions. The organisation also has an ambition to strengthen Denmark's position as a global FinTech leader.

TIA Technology has joined the roster of innovative companies who sponsor Copenhagen FinTech.
TIA CEO Christian Kromann says, "Innovation is high on the agenda in the insurance world – eight out of 10 companies have formalized innovation processes with dedicated teams and budgets. InsurTech companies are playing a huge role here. And we want to be a part of the innovative environment of Copenhagen FinTech and support it with our international experience and best practices."

Supporting insurers' digital strategies

A major part of TIA's ambition is to support its global customers' digital and business strategies. This year they've done this with the launch of the new release of their core insurance platform, TIA 7.5. The new release offers infinite integration opportunities that let insurers activate each part of their innovation agenda.

Kromann explains, "We've empowered our customers to take advantage of all the great InsurTech solutions that are available to them, from customer-engagement extensions to data-analytics solutions. By supporting these innovations, we make our solution more successful, which in turn supports our customers. That's why it's in our vested interest to support the fintech community in Copenhagen."

The impact of sponsorship

Copenhagen FinTech has added two other important sponsors along with TIA, including Danske Bank, one of the biggest banks in Denmark, and Experian, one of the world's leading providers of data analytics and automated decision, analysis and statistics models.

CEO of Copenhagen FinTech Thomas Krogh Jensen says, "The new sponsors are yet another endorsement of the work being done to help Copenhagen take the lead in the international fintech race. Together with our other sponsors and partners, they can help attract great foreign fintech startups to Denmark."

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