Norwegian InsurTech company launches with TIA Technology

With a unique business model and value proposition, Yetz is set to launch in Norway in July. TIA’s flexible set-up and fast time-to-market will make it happen.

Copenhagen, Denmark – 12 June 2018. Founded 1 ½ years ago in Hølen, Norway, Yetz is on a mission to create a smooth, simple digital journey for insurance consumers. Focused on meeting all the needs of insurance consumers from auto and home to health, Yetz also has a recommendation program in place. Customers receive rewards for recommending Yetz, bringing down the price of their insurance. The company chose TIA Technology as its core software partner and will use TIA as a Service.

Time-to-market is critical for Yetz

Yetz surveyed the market to find the technology solution that suits their needs. With a very short production schedule, they needed to find a solid solution at a fair price that could get them ready for launch in just a few weeks’ time.

"As a startup, we had an interesting testing validation phase – just 45 days start to finish. TIA was willing to work intensely together with us in that time frame to make us ready for launch. We knew this was a huge ask, but TIA did not flinch. They have an InsurTech-focused mindset." 
-  CCO and co-founder, Jostein Iversen, explains.

A flexible, innovative mindset

Yetz values the flexibility that TIA brought to the project, both in terms of implementation and innovation. “We have a very unique business model which requires an innovative mindset from our technology partner,” says Iversen. “TIA has brought ideas to the table that support getting our business off the ground in the best possible way. It’s really important that companies like TIA have this ’startup’ mindset – and we were happy we could take advantage of it.”

Expansion beyond Norway

Once Yetz’s business model is validated in Norway, the company plans to scale internationally. Yetz will be using TIA as a Service (TIAaaS), which includes maintenance, upgrades, access to highly skilled TIA and third-party resources, and will allow the company to scale efficiently. “We needed a partner who could manage a quick launch into other countries,” says Yetz CEO Øyvind Håheim Bergesen. “The TIAaaS is open and scalable by design and cloud-based, so it optimizes this process. As TIA already has customers across Europe, we felt confident in TIA’s expertise in this area.”
TIA CEO Christian Kromann says, “We are delighted to be part of the Yetz journey and we look forward to working closely with them and using their input in further developing the TIAaaS solution.”

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