TIA Academy Training

TIA Open Training will be discontinued in 2017*. Going forward TIA Academy Training will be offered based on individual agreements with customers and partners. Please get in touch with your TIA contact person to discuss your individual needs. 

*Based on customer interest TIA might consider re-launching TIA Open Training in the future.

TIA Academy Training Overview

TIA Academy is the the only certified provider of TIA training. We provide any type of training in the TIA insurance software solution that you might need. Our offerings include training in both business and technical aspects of TIA; from basic configuration principles to the most advanced enhancement options offered by the solution.

TIA Academy provides you the most knowledgeable and skilled TIA experts to lead you through your custom training program.

By choosing TIA Academy you gain:

  • An opportunity to have TIA-certified trainers introduce you to your investment
  • A thorough introduction to fundamental knowledge and principles about the TIA Solution
  • Access to experts skilled in helping you to maximize TIA's potential for your business
  • Presentation of advanced TIA features and your possibilities as TIA users

Business training

TIA Academy business training courses provide a straightforward way to establish a common view of throughout your organization. These courses offer first-time TIA users, managers (Business and IT), business analysts, systems analysts, developers, and people with similar roles insight and skills in setup and both daily and advanced usage.

  • Introduce users to how effortlessly and efficiently the TIA Solution is to use
  • Give new users an understanding of TIA Core and how to optimally use standard core functionality

Technical training

TIA Academy technical training courses build a solid understanding of TIA development standards. They provide developers, technical analysts, system administrators, and people with similar roles with skill sets in content setup, configuration and enhancement of the TIA Solution.

  • Specialized technical courses to optimize your knowledge of each module
  • Technical insight into how to configure and customize the TIA Solution
  • Hands-on experience of how to add own logic and functionality to ensure your solution's upgradability and achieve its full potential

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