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Growing customer demands and expectations of more customized offers mean you need to be able to create and market new products quickly in order to remain competitive. However, developing and releasing the right products quickly can be challenging. It demands a good deal of time and resources, especially if you have a broad product portfolio.TIA Product Factory simplifies the product development process and helps you gain better and quicker results.

What is TIA Product Factory?

TIA Product Factory is a best practice service offering that significantly reduces the time and resources needed for insurers to launch and maintain new, competitive products. Basically, it turns the product development process into a streamlined and highly-efficient factory line.

TIA Product Factory includes five key elements: a strategic product management workshop, a product template, TIA Product Center – a configuration-based software tool, the actual implementation phase and finally, training in how to design new products variants. The process is done in iterations, each consisting of only a few products, to ensure the effective use of resources and generate a steady inflow of newly created products. 

The five key elements of TIA Product Factory

 The five key elements of TIA Product Factory

A controlled, iterative process ensures security and success

TIA Product Factory is especially effective when you have a large number of products to create and you want them done quickly. The process is done in iterations, each consisting of only a few products. This not only ensures the effective use of resources but also generates a steady inflow of newly created products. You see the output very quickly and you can give us feedback on it. Once the first batch of products is finalized, we move on to the next iteration where a few more products are created. This iterative approach to product creation allows you to be in the driver’s seat at all times and ensures the successful creation of all your products – regardless of type or complexity.

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