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TIA’s business model places a strong emphasis on specialization. TIA is confident that it produces excellent insurance solution while a dedicated and specialized partner network provides the TIA Solution users with a choice of skills and access to local rules, regulations and business practices.

To achieve its mission, TIA has developed a deliberate multi partner strategy. Carefully selecting and establishing close relationships with international and local partners, TIA continuously extends its global network of skilled partners to accommodate all customers’ needs for solution insight and local market knowledge.

Learn more about TIA’s partners and exactly what they can do for your insurance business by clicking on a logo below.

Premium Solution Partners

Premium Solution Partners deliver a full end-to-end implementation of the TIA Solution matching the customer requirements. These partners have proven their capabilities in running and supporting customers throughout all phases of implementation projects.

Advanced Solution Partners

Advanced Solution Partners have a high degree of competence and expertise with the TIA Solution and a substantial implementation experience. These partners use a proven methodology to support them in TIA implementation projects.

Gold Specialist Partners

Gold Specialist Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with the TIA Solution and the closest working relationship with TIA Technology. These partners have demonstrated strong emphasis on the quality of TIA Solution implementation.

TIA Partners

Specialist partners possess industry leading skills in implementing the TIA Solution and its individual components.

Add-on Partners

Approved Add-on Partners, also known as Innovation Partners, focus on extending the rich core functionality of the TIA Solution with add-on innovation modules.

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