The TIA Story

Driving the market forward since 1986

It began in 1986 as part of the plans of a major Nordic insurance company to expand globally, starting with the UK market.

The brief for the specialists in the development task force was simple - make a core insurance platform that is portable across countries and companies, whilst rethinking the way that traditional insurance systems work. The results exceeded expectation.

The development task force came out with a truly unique, well structured, flexible and above all, durable insurance data model.  Dynamic evolution of the software codes has allowed consecutive migrations to the latest technology platform; migrating from DOS based environment to client/server, to three tier technology, to a Service Oriented Architecture, and an ADF version. 

Born out of an insurance company, TIA stands for: The Insurance Application. We believe that having a deep insight and understanding of the insurance industry allows us to produce the strongest and most customer-centric insurance solution for the market.      

Establishing TIA Technology A/S

In 1996, three members of the original task force established the company TIA Technology A/S. 

20 years of organic growth

What began as an innovative solution by three colleagues in a major Nordic insurance company to assist in administering insurance policies, has grown and expanded over the years. The group of early adopters of the TIA Solution has transformed into a community of insurance companies spanning the globe and registering more than 100,000 daily users.


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