Built for your insurance business

TIA is the most flexible, open, scalable insurance solution on the market. Whether you're aiming to transform your entire business, branch out with a new product line or enter a new region, TIA can help drive your business strategy and sharpen your competitive edge.

"When you work with special issues and niche products like we do, you often think they are too special to be able to work on a standard solution. But in most cases, it's not a problem."
Kjetil Løge, Marketing Director, Skogbrand

The TIA solution is designed for scalability, multiple deployments across countries and swift go-to-market readiness. It supports any insurance business model, from startups in their infant stages to established multinational insurance carriers. 

The insurance value chain

TIA supports every party of this value chain, and it enables the crucial customer engagement layer through its REST API. Enabling faster and easier development, the REST API opens up vast integration possibilities with some of the most exciting engagement technologies from InsurTech – or best-of-breed technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

TIA Value Chain

Your project, your scope

TIA can handle all your business processes, and you can implement only what you need in a way that makes most sense for your organization. You can take advantage of special applications that extend TIA functionality, add-on solutions that meet specific needs out of the box, or stick with the core functionality. Whatever solution you choose, you can have it installed on-site or hosted, according to your IT strategy.

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