A smooth, intuitive user experience

Tailor a unique digital experience

TIA's latest version features a REST API, which opens vast integration possibilities with some of the most exciting engagement technologies available. With so many integration opportunities at your fingertips, you can tailor a unique digital insurance experience that meets your customers on any channel or device. Imagine offering your customers a simple, intuitive claims journey that lets them file a claim the moment after an incident or accident occurs – from anywhere.

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Enhance workflow efficiency

TIA drives your business efficiency with innovative functionalities and tools that help your staff complete tasks and serve customers faster. TIA's latest claims features give your claims handlers a fast and easy way to prioritize tasks, create claims and serve customers better. And TIA's latest product-configuration features let your product managers configure more diverse and competitive products – without depending on your IT department.

TIA improves workflow, not only for claims handlers and product managers, but also for employees across your business. Even novice TIA users find the interface intuitive and satisfying to work with. This translates into enhanced customer service, improved productivity and reduced operational costs.


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