Reaching the right insurance customers

TIA TechnologyThe insurance customer landscape is changing. Digital nomads are growing in numbers, and they are relying
increasingly on new insurance business models and modes of engagement that suit their digital lifestyle.

That's putting a lot of pressure on insurers to provide new products and new digital opportunities to their customers. Today innovation is a top priority for 8 out 10 European insurers. But innovation is an uphill battle, especially if you have a complex system of legacy technology holding you back.

TIA helps drive your business strategy

TIA is a complete core insurance software platform that drives your business strategy and sharpens your competitive edge. The TIA platform streamlines and standardizes all processes in the insurance value chain and supports all types of insurance products across brands, countries and channels.

TIA Insurance Value Chain

TIA Value Chain

Delivering on every link of the value chain

To explore new business models and attract different kinds of customers, including the notorious digital nomad, insurers need to deliver on each link of the insurance value chain. TIA supports every link of the chain and enables the crucial customer engagement layer.

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