Flexible policy administration that improves customer satisfaction

TIA Solution Overview-PoliciesThe TIA Policies module delivers tools to help you improve customer satisfaction through flexible, efficient policy administration.

Empower a smooth experience for self-service customers

With our Quick Quote feature for self-service and aggregator sites, you can ensure your customers can access the best online prices and policies from any device or channel.

Improve operational efficiency

TIA Policies provides a 360° view of all a customer's transactions, helping policy handlers work more efficiently and serve customers better. It also offers role-based and business-oriented processes that streamline your operations so you can get more value out of your policy and underwriting processes. Underwriting costs can be reduced and new products can be configured and marketed quickly (together with TIA Products).

  • 360° view of customer data
  • One-stop processing
  • Automated underwriting with rule-based configuration
  • Master policy functionality for packages and umbrella agreements

Key features

• Quick policy quotes
• Quick search
• 360° overview
• Re-quotation
• Binding
• Policy issue
• Out-of-sequence adjustments
• Renewals

• Cancellations and reinstatements
• Multiple quotes on an
in-force policy
• Master policy
• Temporary insurance
• Affinities
• Referrals
• Automatic agent commission

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