Faster, easier product configuration

TIA Solution Overview-ProductsThe TIA Products module empowers you to configure your own products based on customer needs and get them to market faster.

Empower a smooth experience for self-service customers

Create a product portfolio that meets customer needs in their preferred digital channels. Allow your customers to personalize their insurance products with specific elements that are relevant for them.

  • Product versions and customizable sub-versions
  • Self-service opportunities through our REST API
  • One set of product rules for all channels

Improve product agility and operational efficiency

Product development is no longer restricted to IT specialists. TIA Product Center, a central configuration space for all distribution and communication channels, provides a rich set of development capabilities for non-IT users that makes product development quicker and more agile.

  • Multi-product line configuration
  • Multi-object configuration including object hierarchies
  • Product variants
  • Reuse tariff for quick quotes
  • Master products
  • Multi-dimensional versioning


Key features

• Customized object template
• Sub object configuration
• Object links
• Quick quote (one product, one tariff – without storing data)
• Streamlined and standardized structure for setup of any product

• Guided procedures that improve usability during product creation
• Advanced web enablement and personalization
• Integration capabilities including REST and SOA APIs and web services
• Easy configuration of product variants
• Multi-versioning mechanisms
• Import/export facility

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