Verex motor insurance – it's all TIA

Keeping the customer within a branded experience is what keeps the customer. But how do we provide tailored, branded motor insurances for top tier vehicle manufacturers – and how do we do it in an easy, low cost and customer-centric way? These critical questions topped the agenda for Verex Group when it started executing its business strategy.

The thing we want from our IT platform is that it underpins the way we work, and we never have to worry about it. We just want to know that it is working. That's what we expected from TIA. And that's what we are getting from the TIA Solution.

Verex Group – an managing general agent (MGA) insurer, which operates as an MGA with full delegated policy and claims authority, but does not underwrite – focus solely on motor insurance and accident aftercare services for private car and van owners.

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Verex logoVerex has built an enviable reputation within the UK motor trade by developing innovative insurance products that bring a significantly value-add to manufacturer offerings. Verex Group provides strategic business affinity programmes to vehicle manufacturers.

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