Skuld goes live on TIA

Skuld recently went live on TIA 6.3, upgrading from version 5.2. Skuld has been with TIA since 1999 and have upgraded multiple times since then. 

“We are very excited about what the TIA 7-track has to offer. Because we are keen to stay on the upgrade path and ensure a smooth transition to the new track, we thought it made sense to upgrade to TIA 6.3 now, as a sort of stepping stone, to the new user interface, features and functionality offered in the 7-track which we will consider upgrading to in 2014."
Rune Skogseide, Manager of the upgrade process, Skuld

Skuld conducts their upgrades themselves. TIA was involved in the pre-analysis phase to help get the process going, and then provided support when any technical issues came up.

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Skuld logoSkuld is a diversified marine insurer based in Oslo, which offers a wide range of marine insurance products. The group consists of three main market brands: Skuld P&I, Skuld Offshore and Skuld 1897 - a syndicate at Lloyd’s.

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