Forest fire and storm insurance with TIA

Since approximately 1/3 of Norway’s total land area is covered in forest1, it is important that it is properly taken care of. Skogbrand Mutual Insurance Company is the only company in Norway that provides fire, storm and natural disaster insurance for private forest owners. 

“Often when you work with special issues and niche products like we do, you think they are too special to be able to work on a standard solution. But actually in most cases, like in our case, it isn't a problem.”
Kjetil Løge, Marketing Director, Skogbrand

The company's vision is to be a proactive presence in the forest industry and have the best forest-based insurance products in the Nordic region.

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Skogbrand logoSkogbrand Mutual Insurance Company is an independent company based in Norway. Skogbrand was founded in 1912 and is managed and controlled by foresters. In 2012, Skogbrand celebrated its 100th birthday. Skogbrand has about 42,000 members and insures over 80% of the privately-owned forest area in eastern Norway.

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