RSA-Codan builds customer-centric strategy on TIA

Today’s insurance customers act as any other customers: They want to know exactly what they get for their money. A simple demand, but hard to meet for insurance companies because of the complexity of their business. 

“TIA is the backbone of our customer strategy. Having a truly integrated Nordic insurance system is paramount to obtaining the customer insight, agility and speed we want."
Pedro de Freitas, Nordic IS & Change Director, RSA-Codan

RSA Codan has made it a strategic goal to provide the transparency and agility requested by insurance customers. The company’s THINK CUSTOMER strategy was launched in 2010 and is infused in the large Nordic organization with customers throughout Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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RSA logoRSA is one of the world’s largest multinational insurance groups. It is focused on general insurance – personal and commercial – and serves 20 million customers worldwide. RSA operates in three core regions: United Kingdom, Nordics and Canada. RSA-Codan operates in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and serves more than 150.000 customers.

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