Becoming the heart of OBOS Insurance in Norway

Choosing the right solution for the endeavor was important to OBOS and the project team spent a lot of time ensuring that the right supplier was chosen. The company decided that TIA was the right insurance software system to be at the heart of their entire business. 

“We see TIA as the heart of our insurance business. In fact we call the entire project "det sunne hjertet"– the healthy heart. TIA will be the core of our insurance business and using it will allow us to meet the needs of our customers in the most effective way possible.
Øyvind Famestad, CEO, OBOS Insurance

OBOS uses the TIA Solution to start up modern and cost-effective distribution and operations for their insurance business. 

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OBOS logoOBOS is the largest Nordic cooperative building association with approximately 2000 employees. It is owned by its 355.000 members. OBOS Insurance started up in 2007 and OBOS transferred its loans and savings to its own bank in 2013. Now OBOS is starting to sell insurance to its members directly.

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