An agile insurance company in rapid growth

Norwegian insurance company Landbruksforsikring is rapidly expanding its product line. The TIA Solution is the major building block behind the move from a handful to 80 products. Top line growth reflects the strategy of expanding the company’s offering to a customer segment related to Norwegian agriculture. 

Building 70 products in three years and 15 insurance products in just six months witnesses the agility and fast strategy execution at Landbruksforsikring in Norway.Getting in business in 2001 the company focused on specialized products for the agricultural industry, but a new strategy is now translated to more customers. 

“Actually we can get an idea for a change in our application and see it take effect the same day. It feels quite cool to adapt an insurance system like snapping your fingers.”
Ingunn Skaalen, Head of Insurance, Landbruksforsikring

The number of agricultural business customers is now more than 1100, and the number of private customers has doubled in a year.

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Landbruksforsikring logoFor more than 10 years Landbruksforsikring has offered competitive insurance products to the member companies in several agricultural associations in Norway. Now products include personal and commercial insurance and Landbruksforsikring has become a full service insurance company. Landbruksforsikring biggest shareholders are some of the largest companies within the agricultural industry in Norway, such as Nortura, Tine and Felles­kjøpet Agri, together with Landkreditt SA.

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